Ken Done Australis #1 Wallet

  • $15.00
  • Save $50

Our brand new wallet is super handy when you want something very slim and easy to take out with you.  Made from durable pvc outer and inner pockets, the wallet features:

- 3 card sleeves (with enough room for multiple cards)

- 2 large pocket sleeves, great for keeping receipts, movie tickets or even your phone*

- money/coin pouch for notes and coins

Due to the nature of the plastic, you can easily clean your wallet with a damp sponge, the plastic will stick to itself so your cards and money stay put.  When you first receive your wallet it will be a little stiff but will soften with use.

* phones up to 8x17cm may fit in the main pocket sleeve area depending on size, this wallet is not designed to accommodate extra large plus sized phones so please keep this in mind before purchasing.

Choose from either the pink or blue wildflowers design.

Size when folded is approx 20x11cm


**photo shows a Samsung S7edge inside the wallet for size reference